How to use iwconfig command in Linux?

using iwconfig command in linux

The iwconfig command in Linux is similar to ifconfig command but instead of configuring all types of network interfaces, it is used specifically to display and configure different parameters of a wireless network interface. For example, you can configure the SSID, frequency, and password, or encryption type of a wireless network. In this article, I … Read more

How to use cfdisk command in Linux?

how to use cfdisk command in Linux

The cfdisk is a partition editor program in Linux that can be used to create, delete and modify partitions on a system. It supports the partitioning of the disk that uses MBR, GPT, BSD disklabel, and SUN disk labels. cfdisk has a terminal-based menu interface that shows a list of all disks and partitions with … Read more

How to use nohup command in Linux?

When you execute a command in a Linux system it starts a process and when you exit from the terminal it gets automatically terminated. In some situations, you may want to keep running a process even after exiting from the terminal. So how will you do that? Well, we can use nohup (No Hang Up) … Read more

How to use nslookup command in Linux?

nslookup command linux

The nslookup ( name server lookup ) command is used to get information from a DNS server. This information can include IP address details, MX record of a name server, etc. It is used for troubleshooting DNS-related problems on a system. This command usually works in two modes interactive and non-interactive modes. In interactive mode, … Read more

How to use tac command in Linux?

The cat is one of the most frequently used commands in Linux which is used to print the content of a file on the standard output. This command is also used to create, append the content of one file to the end of another file, and view the content of a file. The tac command … Read more

How to use rmdir command in Linux?

There are multiple ways to create or remove directories in a Linux system. You can create it from GUI or using a terminal. Knowing how to create or remove directories using commands can be very useful because most Linux systems offer only a command-line interface to perform a task. I already explained how to use … Read more

How to use Linux read command?

The read command in Linux is used to read a line from the standard input. It then splits the line into words the first word is assigned to the first variable, the second word is assigned to the second variable, and so on. In this article, you will learn how to use Linux read command … Read more

How to use id command in Linux?

The id command in Linux is used to print the real and effective user and group ids. By using the Id command you can display the given information. The real user-id of current or a specific user Display the user id and all the groups associated with it List out all groups a user belongs … Read more

How to use md5sum command in Linux

When downloading files from the internet especially from websites it often displays a hash value to make sure the download is completed correctly. The md5sum is a computer program that calculates and verifies 128-bit md5 hashes. This verifies data integrity using MD5(Message-Digest Algorithm 5). In this article, I will discuss the usage of md5sum in … Read more