How To Check Open Ports In Linux Using Terminal?

Open Ports In Linux Using Terminal

In the context of computer networks, a port can refer to either a physical or a virtual connection point. A physical port allows a cable to connect with the computers, routers, modems, or any other peripheral devices. Virtual ports are part of TCP/IP networking. Most of the software applications use these ports to connect and … Read more

How To Use Nmap For Scanning A Port?

There are lots of network mapping and security auditing tools available for reviewing and analyzing a computer network for possible security vulnerabilities and loopholes. These tools can be used by a network administrator or a computer security professional to evaluate the possible threats in their system. Nmap is from one of these tools, we are … Read more

How To Use Firewall For Enhancing Network Security In Linux/Unix?

Introduction to firewall A firewall is a network security system that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and allows or blocks the data packets based on a set of security rules that are predefined in the system. It acts as a barrier between internal and external sources such as the internet and blocks malicious traffic. … Read more