We Are Hiring

We Are Hiring

Howdy Visitor!

I won’t keep you indulged in just talks, rather I will jump straight to the point.

We are looking to hire for some of the open position(s) for our website https://www.cpqlinux.com/
Find the below details of the Open post(s), roles and responsibilities of the candidate and required skills.

Open posts:

  • Content Writer for cpqlinux.com

Roles and Responsibilities of a content writer at cpqlinux.com:

  • Writing how-to guides for unix based OS, Linux commands, system internals, programming etc.
  • Explore new ideas to create outstanding content (mostly specific to Linux or Unix based systems)
  • If required, delegate ideas or knowledge to other peers in the team
  • Must be consistent in creating quality content
  • Can analyze, understand and write an article of his/her own on something if asked to write.

Skill set required:

  • Outstanding English writing skill
  • Must be a power user of Linux/FreeBSD or any Unix OS, advanced user or a developer
  • Must have prior writing experience
  • Basic understanding of SEO would be an added advantage
  • Linux development skill would also be an added advantage

About cpqlinux.com

cpqlinux.com is a part of InfySim Media Private Limited, which creates content primarily related to low-level kernel programming, embedded systems programming, Linux programming, etc. Most of the content are how-to guides or tutorials related around the Linux, Kernel, Development, etc.

Our vision is to expand our coverage on Linux, reach more Linux users and to deliver them more content related to Linux programming, Kernel programming, Embedded systems programming, etc. for which we are looking to hire eligible Content Writer(s), preferably with a good understanding of Linux Kernel architecture.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Content Writer for our website, you are most welcome to apply for the position.
Apply for Content Writer at cpqlinux.com